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Hair Loss/hair falls problem


QUESTION: dear sir

i am suffering from hair loss since 12 yers. my hair volume has been reduced to 30% (something like diffused hair loss but i am not sure what type of hair loss am i suffering .). hair have been week , thin. But hair on whole head .[ top of the head have less hair than sides] hair growth rate has been slow . sometimes itching & dandruff occur . When I examine hair It dont Contain the root of hair. I think it falls just above the roots means leaving the root on the scalp or inside the scalp .my hair has been a little bit thin. New hair come but donot live many days. i also suffered from conspitation from long time approx 8-9 yrs. Not good bowel   movement take 15 -20 minutes in the morning. I always worry about good bowel   movement. My hair from other part such as forearm, leg , chest, [some time eyebrow, eyelid] when rub come in hand.

Body examination ……….

my weight is 51 kg & unmarried , color fair a little yellowish, height 174 cm. and fair skin color . I started masturbation in the age of 17. i did masturbate ocassionly not making habit .And now since last 2 years   , if I do masturbate in any of   month,  my whole body aches whole of that day.but if night fall occurred ,my body  donot have any I don’t  masturbate .I want to know from you, are these thing resulted in hairloss?   
After urination when I stand and walk ,  2 or 3 drop of urine again come but it is sure  that it is urine . it is continued since last 8-9 years .

Some times there is white discharge [milky urine ] for 1-2 seconds and then it become in normal urine  after that suddenly  I feel weakness .

family history …………

in my family my father have partial baldness . 2 of 5 siblings suffered from hair loss problem . but my grandfather have no suchlike and have good hair . my mother have sometimes scalp itching but not regular . she is diabetic type 1 . there is also good hair in my mother side family . my uncle also have good hair
I donot smoke. . I donot drink. I donot take fast food. Before Hair falling I had full head of hair . now  I have 30 % of my hair but have throughout scalp.

Medicine used by me……
recently  I have used  follihair( new)  for 3 months .my hair fall reduced to 90 % and hair began to regrow . But after stopping medicine the same hair fall problem reoccurred and no hair regrow .

i  request you please analyse my problem, and please  refer  which can solve my hairfall problem and can get hair back. Plz me

Many Many Thanks for reading my lenthy post.

ANSWER: Dear Suhail

Thanks for your elaborate & lengthy question.
You are suffering from multiple diseases.
You have dandruff (Seborrheic dermatitis)& Male pattern baldness (MPB).

Constipation should be corrected but constipation is not a cause of hair loss.
Masturbation is not a cause of hair loss.
Discharge after urination is a normal phenomenon.
Milky discharge after urination may be normal, if you have no sexual exposure.

You have to take medicine as long you want to preserve your hair.


Dr S M Bakhtiar Kamal

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QUESTION: dear sir

you have told me in your answer this thing
"You have to take medicine as long you want to preserve your hair."
yes follihair works on me. but i want to know how many years will  i have to use it one year ,two year or more long time . Does it has any side-effects taking long time (more than 5 years ) since it contains following

FOLLIHAIR tab: biotin 10 mg, iron 14 mg, l-cysteine 5 mg, manganese 5 mg, copper 2 mg, selenium 50 mcg, L-lysine 20 mg, zinc 10 mg, L-methionine 40 mg, calcium pantothenate 50 mg, niacin 50 mg. soya insoflovens 40 mg , grape seed extract 20 mg
thanks and regards

Dear Sir,

Your medicine contains Vitamins & Minerals only.
You can take this medicine lifelong without any significant side effect.
Now you can continue for at least five years,

Dr S M Bakhtiar Kamal
Assistant Professor
Dhaka Medical College,
Life member- The Hair Research Society Of India
Life member-The Cosmetic Dermatology Society of India
Life member- The Association of Cutaneous Surgeons of India
Member- ESCAD
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