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QUESTION: im a 23 year old female , my hair loss started suddenly last November all i used to lose like a lot of hair more than 500 strands per day ,my hair also suddenly changed texture became more dry and brittle where as it used to be soft and shiny. 5 months before my hair loss i started eating very clean and taking multi vitamins and vit D and B12 injections because i had very very low vitamin b12 and Vit D i used to get a lot of burning sensations in my body and body aches.anyway my vitamin level returned to normal and i maintained my vitamin intake and stopped the b12 injections because my level is now great.i got depressed because it seemed that i was healthy all of a sudden i started losing a lot of hair. i did a straightening hair treatment 6 years before the hair loss so i dont think its really related . ive done a lot of blood tests that came back normal with very slight dec in Sodium and albumin and Mg like 0.1 or something. ive also checked my thyroid before my loss it was like normal towards the active side then when i checked it after the hair loss it was normal towards the middle side so my doc told to take euthyrox 25 microgram to rule out it as being the cause for any loss for a few months i didnt really find a difference i took for like 5 months then i stopped .one more thing although my thryoid is normal i was found  antithyroid antibodies positive and no other autoimmune conditions i checked hair loss slowed down  by february  i lose like 100 a day but i comb very very gently since my hair started i feel if i comb normally i would have lost all my hair by now. when my hair loss started i used to feel my scalp is very sore this feeling greatly decreased but  i get it very little. i ve a lot of small hairs on my scalp and all my lost hair is from the root with white the white bulb at the end.i also noticed some variation in thickness a long the length of the same hair in some strands. another thing i noticed my hair has a lot of  white dust not powdery dust but like white flying strands towards the end and some times also some strands are sticking to each other with something i dunno what. My hair get entangled and knotted easily which was never a problem before . I really dont know what im suffering from , is it telogen effluvium knowing that im a person who is always stressed and my hair loss was sudden and if so whether it will be back and i also want to if im having any infections  linked to the hair brittleness and dust in my hair i went to a lot of dermatologists but i really dont feel they really care or are trust worthy. I am having regrowth but my hair is still with no volume at all very thin. i lost hair from my sides but one side was very prominent and still is although it filled a lot . One more thing i ve some cysts in my ovary but all my hormones are totally normal and i dont have symptoms of PCOS  but before my hair loss by 30 days i visited a gyno  and she said i must be put on metformin and i took it  for 20 days and i stopped as i dont feel i need it at all as another trusted doctor said i need no treatments these cysts will go away on its own then i started my hair loss. Pls help me :(

ANSWER: Because your hair loss started months after your diet, that would be one place to explore. Did you take just one multivitamin in addition to vitamin D and B12? What was your diet like?
The next thing to look at is the vitamin D and B12 deficiency. It is important to determine what caused the deficiency. If it wasn't from inadequate diet, it could be from an underlying disorder. Autoimmune disorders such as Celiac, Hashimoto's, pernicious anemia, and other mal-absorption issues, etc.
Do you know what your ferritin levels are? Thyroid antibodies suggest an autoimmune thyroid disorder. Hair loss is common with autoimmune disorders and thyroid disorders. Another aspect to consider is the burning sensations and body aches. Do you still have them? Do you know what caused them? Do you know what your ferritin levels are?
Have you had your scalp examined? Do you think the dust may be dandruff? Where are your hair strands sticking together? Did you develop bald areas at the sides? Did you have diffuse hair loss as well? I will try to help you more when I receive answers to these questions.
Sincerely, Melanie Vonzabuesnig
Understanding Female Hair Loss

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QUESTION: well i started eating clean not dieting, plus i think its a deficiency because i live alone i used to eat unhealthy food and even before all this i suffered from eating disorders but that was long back. ive done a Complete blood picture it was fine, my scalp examinations were fine nothing , and my burning sensation are now very very little since my b12 is now little more above normal the normal is like eight hundred somethin and im like 900 something. i lost hair from one side more than the other but my hair loss was  diffuse my hair loss is nothing like before so much lesser but my hair is still thin . i suspect the sticky ends of my hair and dust could be attributed to application of oils may be. i asked the doctor to run the blood tests to identify any autoimmune conditions and they came back normal, however may be in december i found i have hashimoto thyroiditis and i took just 25 microgram to rule out any hair loss due hypothroidism but i stopped after 5 months because my hormones are normal and i dint find it helping my hair loss.

Hair loss is a common symptom of Hashimoto's. Vitamin D deficiency and B12 deficiency are common with Hashimoto's and other autoimmune disorders. It is also important to check your ferritin levels, as low ferritin can also be associated with certain autoimmune disorders. When ferritin levels are low hair loss is more likely to occur.
New research is showing a correlation between Hashimoto's and gluten intolerance . Some experts recommend all person's with Hashimoto's to be on a 100 percent gluten free diet. Some recommend avoiding iodine and foods high in iodine. You can do more research on this subject as new information is emerging.
It is important to treat they Hashimoto's as an autoimmune disorder foremost. This would require an anti-inflammatory diet and avoidance of any food or environmental allergens and living as stress-free as possible.
Sincerely, Melanie Vonzabuesnig
Understanding Female Hair Loss

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