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same temple
same temple  
QUESTION: I always come back to you, because you are very smart, honest, and provide hope and calmness.  Especially helpful to me as I think a lot of my hair problems is from stress/worry/anxiety.  I know you have seen my temples, but I have a specific question.  I sent pics to another derm on this site, and he says my CTE may have led into male pattern baldness on the temples, recession.  I want you to see my pic ten years ago of that temple, and of that same temple now, because I would like your opinion.  I don't really see any changes, all I was asking him was if it is normal to shed hairs between 1-3 inches in the temple area.  that's what I wanted to know, because I do notice those hairs don't grow very long, and they are  bit finer/thinner in that area. I mean, you see more scalp in the temple area, but I was wondering if that was normal.  I seem to be recovering from a 4 year shed (CTE-I'm thinking), it's been about seven months of better shedding, with a few bad days in there.  As long as all what I've described to you is normal, I'm happy.  I just used to cover that area always with bangs, so I"ve just noticed it more now.  But this other derm is telling me it's male recession and that scares me, does that mean my temples will continue to recede?  And then he tells me to use rogaine (i'm pregnant now) but I would hate to have to use that if my temples are just like this.  I'm fine with my temples (I know they look a bit like male temples) but if they're just going to stay like this the rest of my life, then I would rather accept them like this and not use rogaine all my life.  I was just hoping for your takes as a women, you know women patterns and if this is something I should be worrying about.  Thanks so much.  Spiritually,

ANSWER: Androgenetic alopecia in women (also called female pattern hair loss) causes diffuse thinning mostly on the top of scalp and crown area. The pattern is different than that of male pattern baldness. Women do not get male pattern baldness.
The hair loss from chronic telogen effluvium may look more prominent at the temple area as the hair in this area is naturally thinner and finer than hair in other areas to begin with. The continual shedding with chronic telogen effluvium , makes the sparser hair in this area stand out a little more. You can try massaging an essential oil formula or another type of natural growth formula in that area to try to stimulate stronger temple hair growth. If your telogen effluvium truly is over you should begin to see some overall improvements. It is a very good sign that the shedding has decreased.
Sincerely, Melanie Vonzabuesnig
Understanding Female Hair Loss

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QUESTION: You always give me hope and yes I'm still using some of your essential oils.  Just a couple questions.  
1) I've heard women say they can have male pattern baldness, but for sure, women can't get that???
2)  I seem to be shedding short/thinner hairs, some definitely come from those temple areas, others I don't know as they as just in my sheds or when I come, and I hope this doesn't mean I have AGA. I also shed some normal thick hairs that only grow 5-6 inches long, but these come mostly from my sides.  Do you know if that is normal???  Can this short cycling occur in TE?

Androgenetic alopecia is term used for both female patterned hair loss and male patterned hair loss. I would imagine that the women who tell you they have male patterned baldness actually mean they have androgenetic alopecia. Women with androgenetic alopecia will not have hair loss in the same pattern as men with this condition. Women do not get male patterned baldness.
Short cycling is common with chronic telogen effluvium. Temple thinning would more likely be a result of chronic telogen effluvium than female pattern hair loss.
Sincerely, Melanie Vonzabuesnig
Understanding Female Hair Loss  

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