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Hi does rogaine cause permanent damage.  Does it damsge hair follicles.   I used it a couple of time on the side and front and my hair on those areas have become very thin.  Hair all over dry brittle.  I know that it's hard to believe with only using it twice but it's true.  I have thyroid issues. Doctor recommended I use rogaine  hair started falling out because if my thyroid meds being too high.  Now I have very thin hair on the sides and front where I put rogaine.  Hair loss has stopped. But I am left with this damage that rogaine had caused. Is this permanent  does rogsone damage hair permanently. Or does it get better.  The proble
Was that the second time I used it I put it on didnt want for it to dry went to bed woke up to broken dry broken hair. That had gotten worse instead of better and that was almost a year ago. Please help. Is my hair ruined forver

Hi Judy,

Your experience is not common and it should not be a permanent problem.  The main concern, of course, is regulating your Thyroid.  Proper diet exercise, daily scalp massages and Supplements will all contribute to healthy hair growth.  Your hair's esthetic appearance can be helped with a good rinse out conditioner (avoid leave in products as much as possible).

Best of Luck.

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