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my husband(age 37),has of late developed a very bad, weird smell to his hair/scalp, I can't tell smells really bad even right out the shower after shampoo,so much so it makes his towel stink after just one use. He's always had bad flaky dandruff, but never smelly issues..I' wondering what could be wrong & what can be done to remedy it? THANKS

Hello Abhi,

What you are describing is often referred to as "smelly Hair / Scalp Syndrome".  There are many, many comments and examples of these problems on line but the overwhelming success stories ( and common sense approach) seems to be to tackle the overly active sweat glands by THOROUGHLY cleansing the hair and scalp (double wash and rinse with hot water) with a good clarifying shampoo.  Stay away from oils, conditioners and leave in styling products.  In extreme cases I have suggested and seen good results with periodic applications and massaging of regular rubbing alcohol on the scalp.  Use just enough to dampen the scalp.  This helps to neutralize the odor, break down and dry the oils and sweat and is a great anti bacterial process.

Best of Luck!  

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