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QUESTION: sir , i have been experiencing hair loss for 5 years. now i am thinking to use minoxidle. my age is 25. how long can i use it without side effect. say 15-20 yrs. is there a chance that there may occur a situation that i can not use it any more in long run?

ANSWER:  It is extremely rare to have any serious side effects to minoxidil lotion such as fainting from low blood pressure or a very rapid heart beat although those reactions have been reported in people very sensitive to minoxidil.

The most common side effect is localized rash where it is applied.
1% are allergic to the active ingredient- minoxidil.
2% or more react to the liquid vehicle.

Only 3% of men who use minoxidil get an irritation from it and that is in the form of a rash on the scalp or along the top of the ears and back of the neck . Most of those reactions are due to the propylene glycol used to dissolve the minoxidil powder into the solution. Only 1% of men are truly allergic to minoxidil and that can develop at any time
There is no way to predict in advance who will get a rash or when. Many men have used it 30 or more years with no problems.

Rogaine Foam does not have propylene glycol in it and the reactions are far fewer.

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QUESTION: what will happen if a rash occurs in future. do i have to stop taking the treatment and my remaining hair will go ? one more thing if i stop minoxidle will my all remaining be gone?

ANSWER: If you develop rash due to an allergy to minoxidil you would have to stop the minoxidil. Any hairs which were kept alive because of using minoxidil will go into the end stage of their growth cycles and fall out one to two months after stopping the lotion. I do not know what degree of balding you inherited. If you have inherited extensive baldness then yes, you will lose most of your hair. I suggest seeing a dermatologist who can advise you as to what the degree of loss might be from looking at where you are thinning now. The best medication to prevent baldness is 1mg Finasteride daily-(Propecia)-  85% of men stop going bald when they take this medicine.

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QUESTION: i used 1mg Finasteride for 4 month previous year. i now dont have any notice able hair fall . say max 15-20 hair. no hair is found in my pellow, bed. a few when taking bath.excessive hair fall stayed for almost 2 years. do u think i should continue use 1mg Finasteride daily. in my 4 month usage i didnt find any sexual side effect. is there any chance some side effect can be seen in long run? how long can i take the medicine? 10-15 yr?

If you are worried about hair loss and have had no side effects over the past 4 months I suggest you stay on finasteride forever. Only one man in 400 quit taking Propecia over a 2 year study done for the FDA nearly 20 years ago. Most of the patients who had side effects noted them in the first month. I have many patients who have taken it for 20 years with no side effects.

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I have 30 years experience in the field of medical and surgical Hair Restoration and am Board Certified in Dermatology and Hair Restoration Surgery.


I have 30 years experience in the field of medical and surgical Hair Restoration and am Board Certified in Dermatology and Hair Restoration Surgery. More information can be found at my website

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