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I am a 52 yr old woman who was diagnosed with telogen effluvium.  From December to March I was trying to eat very healthy. I only needed to lose about 4 pounds but ended up losing 19 lbs. My weight dropped too quickly and when I realized it was a problem, I started eating more and gained most of the weight back by May. At the end of June, I noticed my hair was shedding. I thought it was from stress but when I read that you need to look back two to three months, I realized it was from the weight loss.  The shedding has slowed down considerably but random hairs still fall out. I am very upset about the texture of the remaining hair on my head.  It is dry and brittle. I used to have shiny hair.  The dermatologist was very unsympathetic and said it is a cosmetic concern and will self correct. My scalp is normal. Can you explain why the remaining texture of my hair has changed and is there any product that can help improve this?  I have shoulder length hair. How long will it take to see some improvement in the thickness of my hair? I have developed horrible anxiety as a result of this situation. Any advice?

Extreme dieting and rapid weight loss can cause telogen effluvium. The hair loss and texture change could be more due to the diet you were on rather than the weight loss. If you tell me more about the particular diet I may be ale to help you more. Include information such as how many calories, new foods you added, foods you eliminated, foods you consumed a lot of, typical daily meals, any supplements or medications you used while dieting, and anything else you can think of.
Texture changes can be due to nutritional deficiencies. Texture changes can also occur with telogen effluvium if the condition is severe. When hairs go into the telogen stage they are cut off from the nutrient supply. Without nourishment these hairs can become dull and lifeless before falling out.
In the normal hair growth cycle about 10 percent of hairs are in the telogen stage. These (unnourished) telogen hairs are "hidden" by the other 90 percent of hairs that are receiving nourishment. When the percentage of telogen hairs is higher due to telogen effluvium there will be a higher percentage of dull, lifeless hairs on the scalp. Because your telogen effluvium seems to be over--as you are only noticing a few random hairs falling out, this probably doesn't apply to you.
Please send more information about your diet and I will try to help you further.
Essential oil scalp treatments can help stimulate new, healthier hair growth by increasing nourishment and energy directly to the follicle and root of hair. Although essential oils can improve hair growth it is still important to determine and treat the underlying issue.
Sincerely, Melanie Vonzabuesnig
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