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QUESTION: Hi  I'm a 52 year old women with thyroid issues.   I have always had thick curling hair  even on synthyroid   Last year my hair was the best it's ever been.  But when my thyroid meds were increased my hair started to fall this stared last August.  And it's Been falling ever since. My hair had gotten very thin with no curls.  Question does thyroid hair loss regrow?  Or will it stay thin.  It's still falling. Not as much. But it's gotten so thin.  I have never had a problem with my hair.  It was so thick last summer

I went hyper from the increase in medication. And I am trying to balance my levels but it a slow process.  Baby step.   Just need to know if this is    Does the hair grow back. Or is this the way it will stay.

ANSWER: Medication-induced hair loss is common. If the hair loss began approximately three months after increasing dosage, the medication could be the cause. The thyroid medication you are on can cause hair loss. Because increasing the dosage had a severe effect on you--brining you into the hyper-thyroid state, it is even more likely that effects of medication might be the cause of your hair loss.
The hair growth cycle thrives on balance. Any imbalance can cause the hair loss disorder known as telogen effluvium. Once balance is restored, healthier hair growth will follow.
Telogen effluvium does not cause baldness but hair can become sparse with reduced volume if the condition is long lasting.
When excessive shedding lasts more than six months the condition is known as chronic telogen effluvium--indicating an internal imbalance that needs to be addressed and corrected. This type of hair loss is not considered permanent or irreversible. Treating the underlying issue is key.
It is important to know if your thyroid disorder is autoimmune (Hashimoto's). If your thyroid disorder is autoimmune in nature, it is important to treat it is an autoimmune disorder, even more so than a thyroid disorder.
Also, it is important to have your ferritin levels checked. Make sure you get the actual results as the "normal range" is very broad. When hair loss is an issue it is recommended to get ferritin levels up to 70 in order to promote hair growth. Iron deficiency is common with thyroid disorders. Other deficiencies may also exist. Please let me know if I can help you further.
Sincerely, Melanie Vonzabuesnig
Understanding Female Hair Loss

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QUESTION: Thank you for your reply.  Very helpful and reassuring   I have been tested for hashi came back negative.  I had my thyroids removed on 1992.  I was on synthyroid for 16 years and never experience any hairloss. As a matter of fact mu hair was beautiful thick.   Yes the hair loss started three months after increased.  At first the hair loss was not much  about 30 hairs a day.  But than it progress to a lot more. And last red about five months   It's still falls out about 10 or so hairs day.  

My question   I made the mistake of listening to a dermatologist and used rogaine only on the front area of my scalp.  My hair broke off and seems (looks) a lot thinner than the rest of my hair.   The front look do thin.  Do you think this is permanent. Does rogsine damsge hair follicles permanently?   I hope not.  Will tbi six continue.  Getting ybin I mean

Thank you

I have not heard of Rogaine causing permanent follicle damage. If individual hairs on the top/crown and bang are are becoming thinner in diameter, providing less scalp coverage, it may be androgenetic alopecia. If it is actual hair loss (shedding)rather than thinning it could be telogen effluvium due to thyroid change/medication increase. The hair growth will improve when the underlying issue has been resolved. Improving over-all health and well-being is always helpful. The hair growth cycle has an easier time restoring itself when the body is well-balanced, in optimal physical and emotional condition.
Sincerely, Melanie Vonzabuesnig
Understanding Female Hair Loss

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