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Hair Loss/3 years old daugheter loosing hair.


Dr S M Bakhtiar Kamal wrote at 2014-02-03 12:07:11
The Causes of Telogen Effluvium are

1. After parturition (Child Birth)

2. Post natal (neonatal)

3. Fever

4. Surgery

5. Stress

6. Traction

5. Severe or chronic illness

6. Drugs -

= Amphetamine,

=Aminosalicylic acid,
















7. Nutritional deficiency--Crash Dieting, Starvation, Total energy malnutrition, Protein energy malnutrition

8. Thyroid disease---Hypothyroidism

Telogen effluvium can easily be diagnosed by Pull test-----

Grasping 40 hairs firmly between thumb and forefinger, followed by a slow pull that causes mild discomfort to the patient. A count of greater than 4-6 club hairs is abnormal.


1. Removal of the cause

2. No specific treatment.

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