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Hair Loss/about hair fall due to dandruff


hi 25 yrs old male.. i usually have mild dandruff both oily and dry...due to oily dandruff i lose some hairs...use anti dandruff shampoo too it usually controls my dandruff....
1) i want to know can i use anti dandruff shampoo head and shoulder daily as i have oily hairs....
2) hairs which i lose everyday due to dandruff white flakes oily at end...fter how many days will it grow back from same follicle


Dear Ayush

Thank you for your query

You can use Anti Dandruff Shampoo 10 minutes before shower, first on daily.
Then reduce the frequency once dandruff is controlled.

causes of dandruff ---
১/ Dry Skin
২/ not wash properly
৩/ Eczema
৪/ Psoriasis
৫/ Fungal infection
৬/ Allergy to Hair Care Products

So, please find out the cause of dandruff first.

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