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Hair Loss/about hair fall due to dndruff


hi 25 yrs old male.. i usually have mild dandruff both oily and dry...due to oily dandruff i lose some hairs...use anti dandruff shampoo too it usually controls my dandruff....
1) i want to know can i use anti dandruff shampoo head and shoulder daily as i have oily hairs....
2) hairs which i lose everyday due to dandruff white flakes oily at end...fter how many days will it grow back from same follicle


1) if you have oily hair, you need to use a detergent shampoo to remove the oil. Some shampoos treat both both dandruff and oily hair like Aveno Shampoo.
2) dandruff does not cause hair loss. Hair loss is caused by : thyroid disease, some oral medications, anemia, recent stressful events like surgery, infections, genetics, auto-immune diseases, scaring, hormones and male pattern hair loss.

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