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Hi I am 22 yrs old and i got my hair rebonded last dec and after i wash my hair after the procedure i noticed that my hair is falling out and it has a white bulb at the end .. and it's almost 3 mos. now when will this stop ? though my hair is thick i am afraid .. pls help me.. thank you what do i do to stop this hairfall?

The white bulb at the end of your hair just indicates that the hair went into the telogen (resting) phase of the hair growth cycle before falling out. In the normal hair growth cycle once hair has reached it's full growth potential it will transition from a growing hair to a resting hair. (The white bulb develops during the telogen/resting stage.) After resting for approximately three months the hair will be shed and replaced by a newly growing hair. In a normal healthy scalp approximately 10-15 percent of all hairs are in the telogen stage at any given time. It is normal to lose up to 100 strands of hair per day. Most of normal daily hair loss goes unnoticed.
It is important to realize that all the hairs that fell out with the white bulb attached were already programmed to fall out, whether or not you did the rebonding. Hair rebonding is a harsh chemical process that can make the hair weak and fragile, especially right after initial procedure. It is crucial to practice extreme after care.
It is possible that the harsh chemicals caused the already loosened telogen hairs to fall out in larger numbers and more noticeably. But if this was the case, the daily shedding should be closer to normal now after three months have passed.
Damage is more common than actual hair loss with rebonding.
If your hair continues to shed excessively with the white bulb attached it is possible that the condition known as telogen effluvium is present and it may be unrelated to the rebonding.
Have you gone back to the salon that provided the service to ask for advice? Is your hair damaged in addition to the loss? Do you have any bald areas, scalp reddening, itchiness, burning, etc.? Has the shedding decreased/increased? Did you follow precise after treatment care?
Providing additional information may allow me to help you further.
Sincerely, Melanie Vonzabuesnig

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