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Hair Loss/telogen effulvium


Hi, i suffered from TE three years ago, my hair started growing back a year later i noticed, its been 2 years now and the hairs that fell out first have barley grown an inch. why is this? My iron is within the normal range it has had its ups and downs however i am worried at the rate of growth it feel like its barley grown at all since it started in other areas i see no growth at all? will all my hair grow back? or do some of the follicles not grow back?

Thank you

Hello Ali,

You mention your Iron levels.....great but Thyroid and general Hormonal levels??

Proper diet and daily scalp massages will help by supplying proper nutrients and increasing the blood flow to the follicles on the scalp.  Regular, thorough shampoo will also help.

It is impossible to say whether all or some of the "lost" hair will return but maintain maximum scalp health and you will maximize regrowth.

Best of luck.

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