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Hair Loss/telogen effulvium in infants


Hi i wanted to ask if an infant has telogen effluvium and losing pretty much all their hair, considering we are born with all our follicles what will happen to those hair follicles which are not activated will they be damaged and not return due to TE? what happens in cases where infants have telogen effluvium?

Also by which age does a human fully grow and thicken all their hair follicles by?

Hello Rusna,

There may be a number of causes to accelerated hair loss in infants or children.

First should be a Thyroid test. Recent surgery or use of Anesthesia; recent high fever; prolonged Vitamin deficiency;  and even constant pulling of the hair (ie. braids/pony tails) can all lead to excessive hair loss.  In most cases the Hair will regrow once you have neutralized the contributing factors.  I am not sure how to answer your last question but the vast majority of people have grown in their full head of hair by the ages of 2-5 years old.  The color may change but the hair has grown in.

Hope this helps.

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