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I am very worried about sudden hair loss. I am 37 years old, normally lose my hair in the fall, and as I was recuperating, now losing it also in the spring. I have read several articles explaining why hair loss occurs. I am getting my thyroid levels check the 27th. One culprit I found is too much vitamin A. I have been using a vitamin A cream (100,000 iu per 1 ounce) and spreading it profusely every night on my face. I have been on the pill for more than 15 years and in the last 2 years had little or no periods. I see many people using vitamin A creams losing hair in many forums. My concern is in July I will be attending a wedding, and I don't want to get bald by then! Also, I need to color my hair due to an event I am attending next week. I am planning to put Argan oil prior to that to prevent excess damage. What can I do to prevent more hair loss and encourage rapid growth by July? Every day I eat flax seed, put Argan oil on my scalp at night, wash my hair sparingly as every time I wash I lose more. If I pass my hand through my hair, I collect small strands of long hair, but if I continue at this rate, I will be bald by July! My family doesn't have hair problems, only my dad has since early adulthood that typical round crown missing, but I think that's something only happening to males. I remember getting a very thick pony tail, now fits loosely between my index finger and thumb, soon will be pencil-thin. Anyhow, I am freaking out! Should I buy Rogaine? thanks!

Hello Adry,

Please STOP using oils on your scalp.......these only serve to clog the pores and accellerate hair loss.  DO shampoo regularly as this helps to provide a clean scalp which is necessary for healthy hair growth. Great that you are checking tour Thyroid! The ONLY product that I am aware of, world wide that can increase your RATE of growth is a shampoo/conditioner called FAST.

Good Luck!

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