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I've been suffering through hair loss for about 3 years now. I had a bout with TE which seems to have triggered AGA. I have been losing hair from the vertex mostly, and only a little on the hair line.

I have tried essential oils, omega-3s, vitamin b12, vitamin d and changes in diet. Changes in diet have mostly been more reduction in sugar, white flour, and more consumption of fruits and vegetables. I do not drink soda, juices or alcohol. I eat a piece of cake once a month. I have always been a vegetarian.

My HDL levels have historically been on the lower side (mostly in the 20s) and my triglycerides have been typically around the 200s. My vitamin b12 level was 400 and vitamin d was at 27 at my last physical. I am 6' 0" and weigh 163 pounds. I understand that AGA has a lot to do with insulin resistance and diabetes.

I am wondering if I change my diet even more and increase more exercise, is there any chance at improving my hair growth? Should I increase my omega-3 intake? Vitamin B12 or D? I really do not want to get on hair loss medications and possibly cause more issues.


Hello Ronak,

This is a great question to pose to your Doctor directly.  Sometimes a Vegetarian diet does lead to innefficiences with certain vitamins/minerals, proteins and Amino Acids.  Great to do a Thyroid test as well.  Regular Exercise and daily scalp massage will help to maximize peripheral blood flow.  Also NOT smoking is a plus (you do not say if this may be a factor?). Also a good deep cleansing shampoo will help to contro/reduce excessive hair loss...I use Nisim Normal to Oily Shampooand it has been great.

Best of Luck

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