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Hi i am recovering from TE, i noticed recently i seem to be sedding long hairs more than usual but i dont seem to be shedding my regrowth hairs or anything. could this be down to iron deficiency my iron is around 50-60 and i am taking iron tablets again. also will this hair grow back in which cases does hair not grow back from iron deficiency and will this effect my telogen regrowth as not all my hairs have come back from this?

It is normal to shed hairs on a daily basis. The fact that you are only shedding long hairs is a good sign. Once a hair grows to it's full potential it will go into the telogen (resting) stage. After resting for approximately three months the hair will be shed, but it will be immediately replaced with a new hair growing from the same follicle. It is considered normal to shed up to 100 hairs per day. Most daily shedding goes unnoticed. With telogen effluvium, especially when it becomes chronic, you can lose hairs of various lengths--not just the hairs that have reached their full growth potential. I wouldn't worry too much if you are only losing longer hairs and if the amount of hair loss is not excessive.
Sincerely, Melanie Vonzabuesnig

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