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I am a 25 yr. old male.  I started on propecia 2.5 years ago, and noticed I was still slowly loosing ground and my hair continuing to thin at the hairline.  I made the switch to Avodart .5mg daily which Dr. Panagotacos recommended.  I have been on Avodart for 4 months.  In your experience would you say Avodart is more effective at halting hairloss in the hairline and providing thickening than what finasteride does?  Also, what month do most patients see thickening or at lease a reduction in shedding?
My final question is concerning the safety of Avodart.  I am married and we plan on having a child within the next 3 years. Am I putting my ability to have kids at risk by taking this drug?  Dr. Rasmussen of balding blog says there is the potential of sterility in men who take the drug.  Dr. Panagotacos believes it is a safe drug.  What do you think of the safety profile when it comes to having a kid?

Avodart is indeed more effective for hair loss than finasteride. If the medication starts working you should see improvement by 6-9 months.Serious adverse reactions include hypersensitivity rxn, skin rxn, severe, teratogenicity (male fetus) and prostate cancer.common reactions include: impotence, libido decr., ejaculate volume decr., sperm count decr., PSA decr. Once you stop Avodart it takes 25 weeks to get out of your system. Just because a medication has side effects does not mean you will develop these side effects.

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