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Hair Loss/Diffuse, cyclical and massive hair loss for 9 years


Dear Melanie

I'm a 35 years old woman who's been suffering from diffuse and cyclical telogen effluvium for nine years now. That is, since 2006 I've had nine TE, always from May or June to December. I don't get bald spots although my hair is very very sparse, since I don't have time to get a full recovery when a new massive hair loss starts. I'm talking about losing 200-400 hairs per day, depending on the day.
I'be had every test under the sun and my iron levels, ferritin (33,8 ng/ml), tyroid, hormones have always seemed to be OK. No doctor is able to tell me what's wrong with my hair and this condicion is really making me sad and desperate.

I'd appreciate if you could give me any advice.
Thanks a lot for you help.

There are so many possible causes for telogen effluvium that it is often difficult to pinpoint the exact cause(s). Very often there may be more than one contributing factor. Some experts who study ferritin and hair loss, believe that a women with hair loss issues should aim for a ferritin level of 70. Even if low ferritin is not the sole cause of hair loss, a ferritin level of 70 will make it easier for the hair growth cycle to restore itself. When trying to determine the cause of TE it is important to consider every possible symptom--even seemingly unrelated symptoms. Some hidden causes of TE include candidiasis albicans, gluten intolerance, vitamin deficiency, food or environmental allergies, medications, unresolved stress, poor diet, metabolic disorder, etc.
Because your TE seems to be seasonal, try to determine if there are any changes that may occur each year during the months of December-February. Some people experience excessive shedding in the spring and early summer, due to vitamin D deficiency in the winter months due to lack of sun.
Essential oil scalp treatments can help to stimulate healthy new hair growth. Even though essential oils can be very helpful, it is still important to determine and treat the underlying issue.
Please let me know if i can help you further.
Sincerely, Melanie Vonzabuesnig

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