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Hair Loss/hairloss for 7 months


thank you mam for the reply :). when i recall it around march i had my exams so was under alot of stress. also my hairloss started very slowly and now sheds more than 100 a day and even more on days of shampooing. i am eating well and taking medicines. could my condition be diffuse alopecia? cuz in that also theres severe hairloss like mine. most of the hairs that fall out have a white bulb and theres is some regrowth near my forehead. i am using q sera which claims to regrow hair and minimise hairloss. but my hairfall is very consistent and falls out everyday for past 7 months. will this ever stop?

Your description sounds like chronic telogen effluvium. Diffuse alopecia areata can mimic telogen effluvium but you would need a doctor who can examine you specifically for that condition in order to make a diagnosis. I think it is important to know if you have resolved the nit problem and if the texture of your hair is still tangled and unruly. Those issues need to be addressed resolved in order to get a clear picture of what might be going on. Please send me more information about the current state of nits and hair texture.

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