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Hi i am writing to you for my concern of losing hair for about 3 months due very low serum ferritin levels. my doctor has failed to point this out it is around 7. my normal ferritin is around 60. my hair has been consistently shedding ages. when will this stop? and will this hair grow back or is the follicle permanently damaged  i hear that not al hair grows back tends to grow back after iron defiency?. i noticed this happened awhile ago last year after a heavy period and then stopped shedding after my levels rose. my doctor kept telling me everything was fine when in fact it was my serum that was wrong

It is important to raise your ferritin levels. It is often recommended that women with hair loss issues should aim for a ferritin level of 70 to initiate regrowth. If low ferritin is the sole cause of your hair loss, increasing levels should help.  It is important to determine why your ferritin levels are so low, especially if you are consuming adequate iron in your diet. It could be that you are consuming many iron antagonists such as tannins in tea, or phytates from grains and other foods. Or maybe there is an underlying issue such as thyroid disorder, gluten intolerance or other malabsorption issue causing low ferritin.  No matter what the cause of your hair loss, getting your ferritin levels up should be helpful. Low ferritin levels should not cause permanent, irreversible damage to follicles. Please keep me posted on your progress.

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