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Hair Loss/iron defiency


QUESTION: Hi i was wondering how long does iron deficiency hair shedding go on for and does hair that is lost always grow back?
i also heard that prolonged hair loss for iron deficiency may not all grow back due to malnourishment killing the follicle is this true. what actually happens to the hair follicle and why does hair fall from low serum ferritin?

if you could elaborate on this it would deeply appreciated

Thank you

ANSWER: If iron deficiency/low ferritin is the sole cause of hair loss, improvements should begin to be seen approximately 3-7 months after healthy ferritin levels have been established and maintained. Some experts recommend getting ferritin levels up to 70 ng/ml when hair loss is an issue. Just because a person has low iron/ferritin levels, they should not automatically assume this is the cause of their hair loss. Many people with low ferritin do not exhibit hair loss. However, when hair loss is an issue, getting ferritin levels up will help no matter what the underlying cause. Low iron/ferritin can very well be the cause or a contributing factor, but it is also important to determine if other factors may be involved. It is also very important to determine why  iron/ferritin levels are low, especially if a person consumes an adequate amount of iron. There may be an underlying cause such as thyroid disorder, gluten intolerance, malabsorption issue, etc.
Nutritional deficiencies cause hair loss because the body's built in healing system views hair as non-essential. The body will supply nutrients to all the vital organs before supplying nutrients to the hair. The hair only gets what, if any, nourishment is left over. Hair follicles contain ferritin. When the blood is lacking in iron, it will begin to take from the iron that is stored elsewhere in the body. If the body needs more iron it may draw it from the follicles. This can make hair thin and weak and depigmented. Snow white or depigmented hair can be a sign of iron deficiency. Iron deficiency will not damage the follicle. When attempting to increase iron levels, make sure you do not consume iron antagonists at the same meal with high iron foods. Vitamin C is known to increase iron absorption.
Essential oil scalp treatments can help as they increase nourishment directly to the follicle and root of hair. You can learn more about essential oil scalp treatments at my website.
Sincerely, Melanie Vonzabuesnig

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QUESTION: Hi thank you very much for the reply, my hair has been shedding slowly for about 3 months, will my hair grow back? my serum ferritin is very low, but my  hemoglobin is around 60

The best thing to do is to get your ferritin level up to 70 to try to initiate new hair growth. Keep monitoring your ferritin levels to make sure you maintain proper levels for hair growth. Keep yourself as healthy as possible both physically and emotionally. The healthier you are inside and out will make it easier to restore your hair growth cycle. When the body is struggling with any type of imbalance, hair growth will be put on the back-burner until other issues are resolved.

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