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i would like your opinion on flaxseedlignans,
will they stop hairloss in men?
woul it lower testerone and dht?
would it give the same sexual side effects like propecia?
how many grams would yo have to take?
thank you

ANSWER: Hello Michael,

Flax is a good source of fibre and Omega 3 and Lignans have been purported to be helpful, and used by many people for almost any ailment one can think of.  My opinion is that it is a great supplementary part to any diet but I do not believe that any significant or noticeable improvement should be expected on it's own.  I would definitely NOT compare it to a drug like Propecia in any way. There is no proof that I am aware of that this will control hair loss on its own.

Best Regards.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

i would like your opinion on beta-Sitosterol.
i am thinking of taking it for hair loss,considering all the bad side effects
of propecia.
does beta-Sitosterol give the same side effects as propecia?
if they do would they go away when one stops taking them or would they be
permanent like the propecia side effects?
kind regards michael

Hello Michael,

Much like your previous question, I believe that it may certainly help as a Supplement with BHP but on its own does not have the potency of Propecia.  It is CERTAINLY much safer and VOID of the the side effects! Any observed benefits would also fade once use is discontinued.

Hope this helps.

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