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Hair Loss/red meat and hair loss


i am 46 male.
never suffered hair loss
i have started to eat a lot of ted meat recently for training
i have noticed hair loss when washing hair in the shower drain .every evening
i wash my hair.
can eating a lot of red meat cause hair loss?
thank you

ANSWER: Hi Michael,

An increase in a Protein rich diet should not be causing an increase in hair loss on it's own.

Perhaps get a blood test (Thyroid check) and have your Dr. run some tests to ensure there are no noticeable deficiencies.  Any Steroid or drug use may certainly contribute to an increase in hair loss.........

Some Health Professionals and Nutritionists have voiced concerns over increase uses of Steroids and pesticides in our food sources as major contributors to many of our current ailments and I tend to agree with this.  If possible try to know where your meats come from and how they are raised???

Good Luck.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

What is your opinion on flaxseed lignans for hair loss.
Would they lower dht and testerone?

Lignans can certainly be a positie Supplement but I would have a Thyroid and Hormone test done to determine if there are any deficiencies.  A broad spectrum Vitamin,mineral and Amino Acids would be the MOST helpful.  Also.........NO STEROID use!

Good Luck.

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