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Hair Loss/diffuse scalp,eyebrow,pubic hair loss


Hello i am 20 years old male with strange diffuse hair loss problem and thinning and diffuse hair loss all over my body(pubic hair scalp hair eyebrows), basically every hair folicule on body lost its sharpnes,density, now its easy to break with low force i can pull up couple hair on scalp or eyebrows when washing my face. It started 2 years  ago all of sudden, basically i woke up and  noticed that my hair got thinned(lost its density, strenght, got diffuse), month before that i noticed that my eyebrows got thinned too with eyelash failing out(some eyebrow and eyelash hair turned grey(white), my hairline is the same before hairloss started( to be precise my hairline is perfect with no sign of MPB, my dermatolgist also confirmed that).I went to dermatologist and she told me every cause of diffuse hair shedding and loss like thyroid, iron, diet, stress and etc..I did some blood test and they found that i have High TSH which is 7 and low range ft3 and ft4, also they found high cortisol both morning and evening.They didnt gave me any treatmant for hormones but i got minoxidil 5% for hair which i am afraid to use du to various side effects on body and it can mess up hair cycle and also some vitamins for hair.What shall do in this case, i am scared and depressed since this all started, i am sure its 100% hormones cause i got seborrheic dermatitis at the same time when hair loss started, till now i lost 60% of my hair density and doctors seem uninterested and not educated enough to help. Sorry for my bad english, i hope that you will understand what I wanted to say.

Have you been evaluated for alopecia areata? One of the most common causes of body hair loss is alopecia areata. Alopecia areata can cause hair loss on any part of the body. With alopecia areata it is not uncommon for regrowth to be white or un-pigmented. White regrowth is commonly associated with alopecia areata. Although the most common form of alopecia areata causes bald patches, there are other variations that can cause diffuse hair loss or complete scalp and body hair loss.
Toxic alopecia can also cause the type of hair loss you describe. This comes from exposure to or, ingestion of certain toxins. Even things that are good for us can become toxic if taken in excessive amounts.  This includes selenium, which is often included in nutritional supplements but it is also abundant in certain foods such as Brazil nuts.
Please send additional information if you'd like me to help you further.

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My interest in female hair loss sprung from my own experience with extensive hair loss. Determined to grow my hair back, I diligently studied every piece of information I could find on the biology of hair growth. After successfully re-growing my hair with safe and effective natural products, I felt compelled to learn more and to share this information with other women. I am experienced in blending custom hair loss formulas. I am also experienced in writing about female hair loss issues.

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