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I had my rebond last december and it is done improperly and they repeat it without any hair treatment so after 3 days i washed my hair i've noticed that i had hairfall i count it everytime i take a bath in the first three months i lose up to 45 hairs per day and this early may upto now i think i lose 20-30 hairs and i only use hand combing process .. My question is is it normal? does it grow back, though i saw many baby hairs now .. and how long does it take for this hairfall to stop ? what is the best remedy for this hairfall ?.. i take grape seed extract and vitamin c drink milk and eat eggs does it help ? its been 6 mos. now what should i do to stop this hairfall from the roots .. :( do i need to shampoo my hair everyday?

thank you hope that it would help me a lot ..

Hair loss after rebond is not uncommon. It is a harsh process that has to be done very precisely. The fact that you had this procedure done twice in a short period of time may cause additional harm. It is very important to meticulously follow the after-care guidelines. This process can weaken the hair and cause breakage, or it can cause actual hair loss from the root. It is important to determine whether which you are  experiencing. Because you mention hair fall from the roots, it sounds more like actual hair loss.
You mention that your hair loss has significantly reduced in the last few months. You also mention that you are seeing some new growth.  These are very good signs. As long as you keep taking care of yourself and your hair, you should continue to see more improvements. Wash your hair as often as necessary for your hair type. Oily hair usually requires daily shampooing, but dry hair may need less. Unless you experienced severe burning, dermatitis, etc. on your scalp after procedure, you will probably not experience permanent damage.  

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