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Hello I have questions again this last few weeks after taking vitamins and milk I noticed that my hair is shedding again up to 35 strands so I think I have allergy sometimes my scalp is itchy the strands has white bulb at the end. I'm stressed everytime I see my hair and I only wish my hair everywhere day because it is already dry I don't know what to do now it's been six months already JUST ONE QUESTION WILL MY HAIR GROW BACK? Haii I'm in the midst of depression..  will this hairfall stop? Now I use organic shampoo because commercial shampoos has sulfate and parade which is not good to the scalp

Thankyouusomuch... But I'm still hopeful and praying that it will be okay..

As long as your follicles are alive and undamaged, they are capable of producing hair. In your previous message you said you see new baby hairs growing. New growth is a sign that follicles are still alive.
If the type of hair loss you are experiencing telogen effluvium, new growth will occur, but shedding will continue until telogen effluvium is resolved. Losing 35 hairs per day is not abnormal. We all lose from 50-100 hairs per day. Most of our daily hair loss goes unnoticed.
The white bulb at the end of your fallen hairs is normal. It only indicates that the hair transitioned into the telogen stage prior to falling out. (The white bulb develops during the telogen stage of the hair growth cycle.) In the telogen stage the hair rests in the folicle for approximately 3 months before being shed. Once a hair is in telogen there is no way to prevent it from falling out.
It is important to determine what is causing your itchy scalp, and to address the issue. Any type of scalp disorder can inhibit healthy hair growth.Essential oil scalp treatments can help stimulate healthy new hair growth. Although essential oils can be very helpful it is important to determine the type and cause of hair loss, and to address the underlying issue.
Sincerely, Melanie Vonzabuesng  

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