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Just wondering if I have found a few thin hairs on the top of my head, and even looking like vellus hairs, does that guarantee it's AGA??  I do not see a widening part (I've always had a wide-er part than others) but thank God, I see no change, but I do shed a couple of these vellus-like hairs that are pigmented, very thin, and don't grow very much, 3-5 cm, and we've looked to see where they come from, and we've found a couple in my bangs area.  And other thinner hairs, but thicker hairs throughout/dispersed through my head.  Just wondering, if this is normal to some extent on all heads and people just don't notice or if it automatically means thinning.

Hello Andrea,

It is impossible to judge based on this type of description but it is quite normal to have various "stages" of Hair growth visible at any given time.  If you feel that what you are experiencing or seeing is out of the ordinary for you, I would definitely see a Dermatologist and have an assessment as well as any necessary tests(definitely a Thyroid and perhaps vitamin deficiency or hormonal imbalance tests).  Also try not to "pull out" these finer hairs when brushing or styling the hair as they need to reach their natural Life Cycle End.

Best of Luck.

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