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QUESTION: Hello Dr Micheal, Sir 1 thing I want to ask that if suppose a patient has AGA, and for this he is taking finisteride and minoxidil. If now he notices that his hair pull test is negative and also he is sheddig 50-90 hairs per day, so does these things indicate that he does not have CTE and just have AGA? I mean to ask that if he had CTE also along with AGA, then even after taking finisteride and minoxidil his hair pull test would have been positive and he would be shedding more than 50-100 hair per day?

ANSWER: You are not to shed more than 10 hairs a day. Shedding hairs is called a telegen effluvium. Stressful events on the body can cause this as in: infections, liver disease, kidney disease, pulmonary disease, medications, hormones and other. The best treatment for AGA is finest erode and minoxidil together. There are also hair transplants. For telegen effluvium we use B12 shots once a month.

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QUESTION: But sir many doctors says that it is normal to loose 50-100 hairs per day?

Fine, then use their numbers. I told you why I use 10 and the patients I see are very happy will the results they get from my treatment. Most of the normal patient I see have a hair pull of less than 10. I would say 90% of the normal patients I see have a hair pull less then 10.

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