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Hair Loss/Dutasteride, chest x rays


Hello, Dr Fisher can one begin directly with dutasteride 0.5mg alternate days instead of finisteride 1mg for AGA? Sir does chest x rays and small bowel enema x rays causes Telogen Effluvium or Anagen effluvium or accelerate hairfall in patients with AGA? Lastly Sir, if a person uses 5% minoxidil spray for AGA but if he gets itching because of minoxidil spray but inspite of it if he wishes to continue using it, so this side effect of itching will not increase/accelerate his hairfall na? Also this side effect of itching will not cause Telogen Effluvium na?

Yes you can use finasteride on alternate days with dutasteride but you could also just take dutasteride every day. Dutasteride has been shown to be more effective at treating AGA than finasteride. You can try minoxidil in another form than the spray and see if that does not cause itching. Itching does not cause hair fall.

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