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QUESTION: what are the sideeffects of finisteride in men?  do you need to go on this drug if you  are about 3 months into  telogen effeivium stage?  thank you for your time tami

ANSWER: Hello Tami,

It is a choice to take any drug.  Finasteride is not a cure for balding as it does not address the cause but merely masks it.  If it does work for you, You must commit to use for the rest of your life and alot of people find that the drug fails to perform after a few years anyway as the body acclimates to it.

Good Luck.

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QUESTION: Do u need to take finisteride if u are 3 months into to telegon effeivium?
When a person is shedding from TElOGEN effeivium  does  the shedding just stop after 3 to 6 months , and then you go back to lossing 50--100 hairs per day ? Thank you fid your time

Hi Tami,

You do NOT EVER "Have To" Take Finasteride.  It should be an Informed Choice. Regarding TE check your Thyroid and Hormonal levels; regular scalp massages; regular exercise and proper diet; as well as Daily Vitamins and Supplements will all help.  If everything is in Normal Range there is a very good possibility that you can get the hair loss to "acceptable" levels very quickly..

Best of Luck.

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