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Hi Melanie,

I have always had very fine, thin fragile hair but never sparse.  This past summer I started to lose weight through diet and exercise.  In October, my hairdresser pointed out that I had lost alot of hair in the left temple region and beyond.  Since then, I have become very conscious.  I did notice a major shed for maybe one day.  Now, I am  more sparse on the top middle behind the bangs.  My bangs are also very sparse and I haven't had a haircut since October.  The thinning extends along the sides as well.  When I lightly massage my scalp, I do feel like it is almost bristly; I'm hoping that indicates regrowth.  In September, I also starting taking an iron supplement because my ferritin level was at 36.

Hello Christine: I will need more information on your condition in order to get a better picture of what might be ring on. You say your hairdresser noticed that you lost a lot of hair but you only noticed one day of excessive shedding? If you gently tug on a small section of your hair, do you find that several strands come out? Does brushing or washing your hair cause more than usual amount of shedding? Were you on any medications or supplements while you were dieting?
You mention thinning at the left temple and beyond. Then you mention thinning at the sides. Is it bilateral thinning at both sides? Is it the hairline at the sides that is thinning?  Is it receding? Is the forehead hairline thinning also? Are there any areas that may be bald or nearly bald?
You may be feeling new hair growth. Sometimes we can feel new growth before we can see it. If you can have someone examine your scalp in good lighting they may be able to detect new growth.
Getting your ferritin levels up is a good idea. Some experts recommend aiming for a ferritin level of 70 when female hair loss is an issue. Do you know why your ferritin might be low? If it is not due to low dietary iron intake, it would be important to determine if there was an underlying issue causing low ferritin. Sometimes when iron deficiency exists, other nutritional deficiencies may exist also.
You say your hair has always been fine and fragile. What do you mean by fragile? Does it break easily, tangle easily? Is is dull and lifeless?
You may reply with answers to my email address at as I am "on vacation" with Allexperts until early next month.
Sincerely, Melanie Vonzabuesng

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