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Hair Loss/hairloss return with more itchy scalp


after six month of treatment from aplecia (hair loss) and dandruff also itchy scalp , hair loss return again and also not only dandruff but also a white flakes on my scalp , when I to etch my scalp I found a whitey paste sticked on my whole scalp also scalp itching return again , the doctor change the medical shampoo and told me to continue minoxidil spray and franstride medicine

my question

does scalp dandruff flakes may a cause for hair loss ?

does I ll take franstride and minoxidil for my whole entire life to stop hair losing ?

does weakness of immune system may cause hairless regarding that I m yield to blood test and the analysis stated that I have weakness on immunity ?

thanks and best regards

You have two separate scalp problems that are not related. The dandruff and scale is called seborrhea can dermatitis and is treated by otc shampoos like T-gel or T-sal or prescription shampoos like Nizoral. The itchy scalp is treated with cortisone like prescription Clobex spray or other prescription topical medication.
If you have male pattern hair loss the treatment you are using, is correct-minoxidil and  Propecia.

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