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DR fisher i have AGA and m norwood scale 2A , but now i can also see the thinning beyond these areas, also my hair density has greatly reduced . I cannot style my hair as i used to style 3 or 4 years earlier. Dr Fisher is it possible that with the help of finisteride,dutasteride and minoxidil i can regrow my lost hair and  increase the density of the hair so i can style them as i used style 3 or 4 years ealier? Also between finisteride and dutasteride which one u recommend? Also please tel me about mesotherapy , does it helps in AGA? And which cocktail do u use in mesotherapy?

Since you are referring to hair loss in men , AKA male-pattern baldness, mesotherapy is not the way to go. The injected solutions contain a cocktail of vitamins & maybe MINOXIDIL. The latter is FDA approved for treatment of hair loss in men. However it is used ON THE SCALP & not by injection! There are no scientific papers to support the use of mesotherapy for hair loss.Please check with an honest, knowledgeable, reputable Dermatologist. The most effective treatment is durtasteride and minoxidil together for male pattern hair loss.

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