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Thanks for your time. I am a 39yo woman. I had a very very thick head of hair when I was younger. It thinned slowly over time I suspect - I only noted that the top had less volume in my early 30s, but it didn't concern me. In my mid 30s I had a couple if mos of increased hair loss, which I was told was telogen effluvium from stress. At 36 I went off the birth control I had been taking for 9 years and had a couple of months of massive shedding which either was going to end anyway or ended because I got pregnant. After I had my baby in jan 2014 I had post partum shedding from about month 2 to 4, but it stabilized. My hair was much thinner than when I was younger, mostly at the sides. The rest seemed ok. Now since May of 2015 I have had massive shedding that won't stop - easily 300 + hairs a day. In those few months there has been a big reduction in density all over, but probably worst on the sides, then the top, and most recent the vertex. The back is definitely less sense too, all the way to my nape. Individual hairs have thinned (I note this all over including in the back). I saw a dermatologist who diagnosed AGA because of the minutarization as well as telogen effluvium. She attributed this to iron deficiency. I have been anemic since I was about 24, and my ferritin in June was 1. I started iron tablets in July and my ferritin in early September was in the low 20s. I had my thyroid checked and it was normal.I continue to lose ridiculous amounts of hair and am scared it won't end. My questions are - when can I expect the shedding to slow if it is iron related, are there other things I should have checked? Is there anything else I can do? Thanks!"

Hello Gloria,
Once your iron levels stabilize you should see a decrease in a matter of a week or 2 (assuming no other abnormalities--hormonal/vitamin/mineral).  Daily scalp massages and exercise will help as this helps circulation and blood flow on the scalp.  Do not smoke or use any steroid based products or meds.  Ensure that you are shampooing properly, THOROUGHLY, and using war/hot water with a DOUBLE shampoo....also a thorough rinse.  These procedures will all help to control and reduce the hair loss.

Good Luck.

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