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QUESTION: I have these two hair follicles that I've been watching for 6 months now.  It's because they have no hair in them and look like a teeny tiny "bald spot where a hair is missing."  I was hopeful though because they have a definite hair follicle there and at first they were transparent, three months ago, they changed and now have a "black" color in the middle and look like lifted hair follicles. but now, here it is six months ago from when I noticed them and still no hair, thin nor thick, nada.  Is there any hope or does this mean I'm losing hair follicles???

ANSWER: Hi Andrea,

I think you may be a bit overly concerned if you are monitoring INDIVIDUAL Hair Follicles......but essentially if they have a black spot in them it usually indicates that there is in fact a hair in place.  It is odd that it is not growing through though??  This may be an indicator that the hair is weakening, to the point where it cannot grow through the pore fast enough before it closes over.  Do you get any ingrown hairs in this area?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I appreciate your honesty.  And your wisdom and yes, I have to admit I'm over obsessing.  good to know there is hair there.  I don't have any ingrown hairs, but if the hair is weakening, does that mean I need to improve circulation/nutrients/ LESS STRESS?? any tips you can give me to help strengthen hair in general would be great and hopefully if I do that, do you think these "hairs" can still come out, of if it has "closed over" like you mention, does that mean it can't grow through???Thanks, very informational and helpful.

Hello Andrea,

Regular exercise and Scalp massages (do not rub as this may break off weak hair) are a big help to increase blood flow.  Good diet and daily vitamin/minerals are also great.

Avoid smoking and use of steroids.  Stress is a big contributor to increased hair loss.

Regular and thorough, proper shampooing is a MUST.

I am sure that these will all prove to be a big help.

Best of Luck.  

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