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Dr, I have abdominal cramps/pain for around 6 months. I also have inherited hairloss for around last 3 years. Is it possible that my abdominal pain can increase my inherited hairloss but without causing telogen effluvium?"

ANSWER: The abdominal cramps will not effect inherited hair loss but it could cause a telogen effluvium.

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QUESTION: Sir how to do hair pull test?

the pull test, a gentle traction is applied on a group of hairs (approximately 40-60 hairs) from proximal to distal end, in three different areas of scalp. The grasp is made with help of thumb, index finger and middle finger. The pull test is done for evaluation scalp hair loss. Normally less than three hairs come out with each pull from each area and if more than 10 hairs come out with every pull or approximately 10% of pulled hairs come out, the pull test is considered positive. If there is a small bulb on the end of the hair this is a telogen hair and you have a telogen effluvium.

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