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QUESTION: Hi Dr Fisher, Sir is their any alternative topical to minoxidil for male pattern baldness? Topical?

ANSWER: These topical such as Revivogen, Crinagen, Progesterone Creams, and Xandrox claim to minimize the amount of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) present in the balding scalp. They are applied directly to the scalp.

Growth Stimulators - These topical solutions claim to work by stimulating hair growth. They include Rogaine, Tricomin, Folligen, Proxiphen (along with Prox-N and Nano Shampoo) and Retin-A.

Azelaic Acid – An active ingredient found in popular topical hair loss treatments such as Xandrox and Provillus conjectured to inhibit the production of DHT.

Superoxide Dismutase – These topicals such as Tricomin, Proxiphen, Proxiphen-N and Folligen, claim to stop hair loss by reducing Super Oxide and also stimulating hair growth and reducing tissue inflammation.

Anti-Inflammatories - These anti-inflammatory treatments claim to reduce itching, flaking, redness, and inflammation that may increase hair loss. These topical treatment options include Tricomin, Folligen, Proxiphen and Proxiphen-N, Betadine and T-Gel and Nizoral Shampoo.

Cover Ups / Concealers - Topically applied scalp/hair cover ups like Toppik, Prothik, and Couvré can do a surprisingly good job of masking and minimizing a person’s appearance of being bald. These topical concealers and “cover ups” act by reducing the contrast between a hair loss sufferer’s thinning hair and balding scalp, while increasing the volume and fullness of the thinning hair.

Rogaine (Minoxidil) ) – Applied twice daily to the balding areas, this treatment has only been shown to work in the crown (back of the head). It is the only topical treatment for hair loss that is FDA approved.

Propecia (Finasteride) – An FDA approved oral hair loss solution proven to inhibit the production of DHT, the hormone responsible for genetic male pattern baldness (MPB).

Provillus – A popular oral and topical solution containing FDA approved hair regrowth solution minoxidil and a number of all-natural ingredients that supposedly inhibit the production of DHT

Saw Palmetto – A popular herbal treatment contained in many marketed hair loss products including but not limited to Provillus, Procerin, and Extreme Hair Therapy (EXT)

Extreme Hair Therapy (EXT) – A nonsurgical 5 step hair loss treatment process provided by Hair Club

Xandrox – Topical hair loss solution containing azelaic acid and FDA approved hair regrowth solution minoxidil

Revivogen – Topical hair loss solution containing a number of all natural ingredients said to inhibit the production of DHT

Crinagen – A topical spray containing ingredients said to inhibit the production of DHT

Progesterone – A synthetic form of the female hormone progesterone that has been used to treat female hair loss

TRX2 - TRX2 is marketed to hair loss suffering men and women and claims to help promote and sustain healthy hair growth through potassium channels.

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QUESTION: Sir among hair growth stimulators, apart from minoxidil which one you suggest? As i m allergic to minoxidil. Finisteride i m already taking

ANSWER: I would try Revivogen.

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QUESTION: But sir revivogen is a topical dht inhibitor. I m already taking oral dht inhibitor i.e propecia. So if i want to add any hair growth stimulator so which one will you suggest apart from rogaine?

If you block DHT your hair will grow. You can take biotin 2.5 mg per day with helps hair and nails to grow. But if DHT is not controlled the Biotin will not help. Minoxidil also blocks DHT and when DHT is controlled the hair will grow.

I do not know where you get your science or should I say lack of science but read the following from a text.

What is Minoxidil?

Minoxidil is recommended by many doctors to fight pattern baldness. It is a potent DHT blocker. Minoxidil is derived from a plant extract. While the product efficiently stops hair loss, it has many possible side effects such as nausea, difficulty breathing, fainting, headaches, scalp irritations, to name a few. Many hair loss patients however, have claimed to be very satisfied with Minoxidil. Rogain, for example, contains Minoxidil. Minoxidil can be purchased over the counter. Some hair loss treatment specialists have stated that the use of Rogain in the long run might cause hair loss to resume.  

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