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Dr Fisher, can Propecia and Avodart provoke male breast cancer in a male who already have male breast cancer gene?

2) Medicines such as Propecia and Avodart can completely halt genetic hairloss? or is it such that , that these medicines can just slow down the gentic hairloss?

ANSWER: The literature states that both Propecia and Avodart can cause gynecomastia but not breast cancer. Both the medications are 70-85% effective at stopping male pattern hair loss but if you stop the medication you again have genetic hair loss.

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QUESTION: So there is 80% possibility that both these medicines can completely halt genetic hairloss? Correct?

Do you know when will avodart be approved by fda for MPB?

Do you have any info that when histogen hsc will be launched?

Yes 80% effective at stopping hair loss for male pattern. There are two enzymes that produce DHT which cause hair loss. Avodart blocks both and Propecia blocks one. This, avodart is more effective. I do not know when avodart will be approved by the FDA. I also do not know when his togen will be launched.

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