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Hair Loss/Excessive shedding over long period of time 33/f


Hair part
Hair part  

Ponytail -before&after
Ponytail -before&after  
Hello John,

I'm 33/female and i'm suffering from thinned hair. My hair has always been fine, but the quantities were very good. I remember it was common for me to shed somewhat heavily at a certain time each year, around the time the weather warmed up, but it wouldn't last long and the thickness of my ponytails was never really affected. Two years ago, the shedding didn't stop as usual... i kept shedding and shedding. I didn't count them, but i lost a LOT while showering, every time i touched my hair, all day i was taking hairs out of my clothes and off my arms and shoulders. There have been short periods in these two years when the shedding seems to slow down and i start feeling a little bit more density to my hair. But now i'm really worried as my ponytail is down to half or even less than what it used to be. Aside from the fact that it seems to be stuck at the same length for more than a year now.

I see my center part looks a little bit less dense in the picture (in real life i thought it was the only thing that still looks as it used to), but the hair part seems to get worse and worse closer to the ears and nape of neck. I'm attaching photos so hopefully you see what i'm talking about.

In my family there's no bald or sparse hair woman, though my dad and both grandfathers are bald.

About the reason, i suspect it may have something to do with a health issue I started having where i lost more blood than usual. I also donated blood mid 2013... then had an episode of even more blood loss, then donated blood again around feb 2014 (then i was told i shouldn't have right after the fact, since they found my red blood cells were down). I felt dizzy and exhausted extremely easily for months after that. I started taking iron supplements a few months ago, had a checkup last month and it showed my hemoglobin is normal again. I had surgery to remove a fibroid that was causing the excessive bleeding. I'm hoping once my body recovers my hair will recover too... Does it sound/look like the hair loss is temporary?

I hope you can give me some insight as to what might be wrong with me and provide guidance as to what i should do.

Many thanks in advance!

Hello Brenda,

I can appreciate that the problem seems worse to you, but it appears that you have a full head of hair!  You are correct in assessing that most people lose more hair in spring (natural shedding cycle).  Your blood loss/low red cell issue may very well have contributes to your excessive hair loss.  If you were put under for your surgery it may also explain greater hair loss (it is often a side effect of anesthetics).  Please check your Thyroid and current Hormonal levels............I believe that what you are experiencing is temporary and most certainly can be curtailed and even reversed.  Exercise regularly and do scalp massages a few times a day to increase scalp blood flow.  This will also help.

Hope this helps!

Best of Luck!

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