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QUESTION: Hi Dr Fisher

Does wearing hair system cause hairloss/traction alopecia? If yes, then which attachment will be best in order to minimize hairloss/traction alopecia?

ANSWER: Describe what you mean by a hair system.

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QUESTION: Non surgical hair replacement/hair system. In other words ,wig

ANSWER: Traction alopecia is caused by pulling the hair very tightly as in braiding the hair. Whigs do not cause traction alopecia.

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QUESTION: Won't wearing wig for long time will cause traction alopecia because of attachements like clips,glue, tape etc?

Traction is caused when the hair is pulled tight. Glue, clips, tape do not cause pulling of the hair and thus do not cause traction alopecia.

I am sorry you cannot read but your article said the hair may grow under a Whig. I have seen hair transplants and Whigs for over 25 years and have never seen traction alopecia. I do not believe the blog. If the hair can grow under a Whig then is no traction alopecia.

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