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QUESTION: 1) Sir in last conversation you said that  hair system will not accelerate aging of the hair and will not damage the follicles If you keep the scalp clean by regular washing of the scalp. But sir suppose a person with genetic hairloss , wears a hair system and this hair system remains attached permanently on his scalp for 1 year , so won't his existing hairfollicles below the hair system will be damaged because of the hair system? Won't it be causing traction alopecia? Also assuming that the person is taking Propecia to inhibt dht in order stop balding process during this 1 year while wearing hair system

2)You told that Avodart does not provoke prostate cancer. It does lower DHT levels which cause Prostate Cancer. So you mean to say that higher dht levels cause prostate cancer? But I have also seen that the manufacturers of Avodart (i.e glaxosmithline) includes a warning that the medication can cause high grade prostate cancer?

ANSWER: 1) Simply wearing a hair piece ( wig ) will not cause hair loss if the scalp is kept clean. if you adhere it to the scalp by attaching it to the hairs it can cause Traction Alopecia. That would depend on how tightly it is attached. Propecia works whether the person is wearing a hair piece or not.

2) Avodart decreased the total number of prostate cancers. If given to 20 year old men it would probably stop all cancers. The only studies done so far have been done on 55 to 65 year old men who have already had DHT aggravating their prostate glands for nearly 50 years. In those men the very aggressive cancers did not get suppressed. The study done with 5mg Finasteride over a 5 year period showed the same number of deaths ( one in 5000 men) in both the Finasteride and the placebo group.  The logical conclusion is that men should start taking these medications when young and stay on them.

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QUESTION: 1)Sir If a person who has AGA but have lost only hairline till now, but if he wishes to clean shave his whole scalp (excluding donor area and sides of the scalp) and attach a hair system on the scalp with glue/tape and remain this system attached  permanently for 1 year, so will the hair system increase his AGA? Also as you said that scalp needs to be kept clean , so but as he is wearing this system for whole year and not removing it, so if he just shampoo his hairsystem everyday but without removing it from the scalp so will it be fine?

2) In short, Proscar and Avodart does not cause Prostate cancer na? These medicines just affect PSA levels na?

1). There is a high risk of getting hair follicle infections which can kill the hairs permanently as well as getting traction alopecia. Some people manage to wear these wigs without losing more hair. It all depends on how much cleaning is done of the scalp. I do not know how clean you will be able to keep you scalp with a wig attached by different methods.  AGA will not be accelerated by wearing a wig.

2) Yes and yes.

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I have 30 years experience in the field of medical and surgical Hair Restoration and am Board Certified in Dermatology and Hair Restoration Surgery.


I have 30 years experience in the field of medical and surgical Hair Restoration and am Board Certified in Dermatology and Hair Restoration Surgery. More information can be found at my website

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