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Hi Doctor,

I am 27 year old male. My hairs are thinning. More thinning is in the front. I have family history of baldness. My father is bald.
Though i have head full of hair and i can cover my thinning with daily shampoo. But they are thin are now don't grow much in length except in sides and back. I think i am moving to NW2.
I am using Minoxidil 2% for last two years and it helped in checking my hair loss but thinning continues. I am thinking of moving on to Finasteride. But i am worried about that studies showed that it effects semen parameters and can make a man infertile. I will be getting married in a year or two. I want to have kids in future. So i will like to have your advice should i go ahead with finasteride or not.
Or should i get my semen checked before starting medication.
Thanks in advance.

Hello Thomas,

I recently responded to a similar question with the following suggestions and I will repeat these here:   Excessive sweating can contribute to hair loss.  So can medications, especially steroid based ones.  It is important to maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise along with daily vitamins and Supplements, to ensure blood flow to all parts of the body.  Also very important is a thorough regular shampoo (double wash and rinse) with a good cleansing shampoo AND ALL WITH HOT WATER.  Try to massage your scalp twice a day to further ensure healthy blood flow throughout the scalp.
I am NOT a fan of either drug that you mention because of the side effects and the fact that they must be used for life once started.  I urge you to attack the problem on a more "Natural" basis.  Also get a Thyroid check (simple blood test)if you have not already done so.

I hope this helps.

Best Regards.

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