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Hair Loss/weird left hairline thinning


left hairline
left hairline  
left hairline
left hairline  
QUESTION: Hai, i see my left of hairline is diffuse thinning, my right of hairline is fine, its why is weird.
But you thing this is MPB or TE chronic or SD i have SD.
This diffuse thinning start this year and look so bad and my head is thinning all over but this spot is so bad.
If this MPB, you thing finasteride regrow back, because its start this years.
Btw i in early 17 years Old
Fathers side balding without the problem i have in hairline.

ANSWER: Hi Johnny,

Your Hairline looks PRETTY GOOD to me......but you obviously feel it is thinning.  One cannot judge as to the causes by only a photo.  My suggestion is to see a Dermatologist, or even your family doctor to at least get a Thyroid test done.  Recent surgery or side effects from new drugs, especially Steroid based can also be a cause.  Extreme diet changes or stress are also possible causes.  Best Regards.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hey sorry the time, but this thinning is from my maturing hairline because my right side have this too.
My Dermatitis seborrheic cause thinning and sheeding(thick and thin hairs) in my scalp and eyebrowns its normal? and i have eczema in my body i use a cream from my gp and this help and from my scalp i use nizoral 2% and kerium ds i dont thing this help me, help a little but i gonna wait and see.
Do you thing my hairline is genetic because my granpad from mother have too a strong hairline?

Hi Johnny,

I made some suggestions in my initial reply but I am not sure if you followed up with any.

Your Father's hairline has little to do with yours, genetically.  You got it right in your first email where you cite your maternal grandfather.  At this point there is very little else I can suggest other than as per my initial response.

Good Luck Johhny.

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