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Hair Loss/Male pattern baldness


Hi my son who is 39 is experiencing hair thinning on the crown of his head. He has very thick full hair everywhere else. He has tried minoxidil but has not seen results. What do you think of the hair grafting or the laser cap?  Thank you!

Hello Lydia,

Having done a lot of work over the years with Lasers..............I would NOT recommend this path.  Very little true benefits to be proven via this option.  Has he had his Thyroid tested......Hormonal imbalances or any severe changes in diet or other meds?  If not he should visit his Dr. for these simple tests. Transplants are certainly a viable option but research thoroughly for the best surgeon you can find.  Also remember that he will most likely continue to this as he ages so it is possible that he may need a "touch up" in 10 years or so.

Best of Luck.

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