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I was reading this article and have some questions.,d.aWw

Here it says that most of your follicles should have 2-4 hairs.  My husband looked at twenty of my hairs and of those 20, 3 had just one hair. Does that mean I have AGA??  Don't some hair follicles have to just have one because of shedding??  Also, on both myself and my husband, we have some follicles that are empty: but you can see the follicle has color like a hair or hairs will be coming up.  Is all of this normal, or not?? And finally, where can I find a reputable place that does trichosopy???  I fear that places like Hair Club will not be sincere, since they want to sell products.

The article refers to a "follicular unit" having 2-4 hairs. A follicular unit is not the same as a follicle. A follicular unit is a small cluster in  approximately 1 mm in area, that contains several terminal and several vellus follicles along with other follicle components. Each little grouping (follicular unit) is surrounded by a loose network of collagen separating it from the next adjacent follicular unit. The empty follicle you are seeing with color in it may be the new hair emerging. Did you try doing a web search for trichologist or trichology services in your area? You may email me at vz1@verizon .net if you have any more questions.
Sincerely, Melanie vonzabuesnig

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