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Hair Loss/Hair thinning and unusual hair pattern


Hello Sir.
I had straightened my hairs few months ago by an iron straightener. Previously I use to have thick long hairs but now my hairs seem to become thin and very wavy. Although I dont have any any kind of hairfall, the texture of my hairs have changed a lot. They have become very weak. I even trimmed them very short but they didn't grew normal now. Should I shave my head so that they would grow normal like before? They feel good after a bath but the moment they dry, they become messed up. Should I shave my head or should I try some hair reconstructor? Its not at all heriditary because my parents and ancestors all of them had great hairs.
Thank you.

Dear Mohsin,

It sounds like you may have severeley damaged your hair while doing the straightening.  I do believe that once THAT hair grows out (or is cut off), you will have your regular quality hair grow back in.  I personally like to shave my head for one week every year............I like the quality of hair regrowth and it makes my scalp feel very healthy and strong.

Best of Luck.  

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