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Hair Loss/Too old for hair regrowth?


Hi Dr. Michael
I am 57, in good health. I  had lots of hair all over until the last couple years. I started to get thin on my temples and back of the head,so I tried vitamins and supplements for hair regrowth, as well as Rogaine. Only the Rogaine helped a little with some new but fine hairs sprouting. My hair is now thinning evenly all over the top. I am kind of vain, but I realise that I might have to throw in the towel, and I cant look like Mick Jagger or Robert Plant!  After all my Dad and uncles were balding in their forties. What do you think?

You have male pattern hair loss which is genetic. The two most effective medications are Rogaine for Men and the oral medication Propecia which is the most effective at treating male pattern hair loss.. Propecia is an oral medication. There is also hair transplants which are effective but can be expensive.

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