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Hair Loss/Super self-conscious about my balding spots, what should I do?


I used to pull my hair out from anxiety, I have since stopped and now I think I damaged my hair (is balding possible consequence of this?). In the front I have a huge lack of hair that anyone can see. I was made fun of online numerous times because of it and people were even commenting that I look 40 because of it when I'm 22. What should I do? I don't think anyone at my age has this problem.

Without seeing the area of hair loss in person, it is difficult to make a diagnosis. You could have alopecia areata which is a circular area of hair loss. This type of hair loss is treated with intralesional steroid injections. If you do a biopsy in the area of hair loss, the pathologist can tell is there is scaring or non scaring hair loss. If there is scaring there is no chance of hair growth in which case you would have to have hair transplants. Hair transplants are now done with individual hairs so the results look really great.

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