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Hi doctor , I've been using minoxidil for more than 2 years now , and I had my ups and downs , sometimes it grows and sometimes it doesn't because of a mistake on the dose's schedule , I am 19 now and I am suffering , minoxidil did grow my hair but it makes it look unhealthy and dirty in somehow , and it doesn't always look thick , due to the changes in the schedule , so I am 19 and my hair look most of the time thin and unhealthy and it kills me , I need a solution , I am using minoxidil 2 times per day , can I quit it without getting bald ? can I at least use it for 1 time per day ?

Thank you .

If you stop the minoxidil, all the hair that regrew will now fall out and you will have more hair loss.  You can drop down to using the minoxidil once a day and see what happens but if the hair stops growing or falls out you would need to go back to twice a day.  You may be ant to try the oral medication called Propecia. You take one pill a day. It is usually more effective than minoxidil.

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